Sharon Katz

Sharon with Nelson Mandela.

Sharon Katz has conducted thousands of presentations around the world to promote peace, diversity, and unity—explaining how she has used music as a tool for creating social justice, and empowering people across all races and cultures to use their voices for social change. An internationally renowned, Grammy Award-nominated guitarist and singer from South Africa, Sharon founded The Peace Train project to help heal the wounds of Apartheid and bring people together in preparation for South Africa's first democratic elections. The first time world-wide audiences saw Sharon perform was on CNN in April 1994, and in 2015, the documentary "When Voices Meet" about The Peace Train and its impact was released and screened at 25 film festivals around the world, receiving many awards. In her dynamic lectures and presentations, Sharon shares clips from the documentary as she recounts her inspiring and courageous story. She takes questions and might even end with a song she teaches to the audience!

The legendary folk singer and activist Pete Seeger, a great friend of Sharon's, said about her work, “This is what the world needs now.”

On Demand! Client Testimonial:

“Sharon, on behalf of Ann’s Choice, thank you so much for a wonderful program! Your story is phenomenal and many residents are already asking when we are going to show the full documentary. Thank you for all the work you’ve done and continue to do! This was a really special opportunity and I’m glad we were able to meet you.”

Angelena Adams
Community Services Manager, Ann's Choice

Ideal for:

Engaging educational presentations

Inspiring corporate programs including diversity trainings

Senior centers and groups


Museums and cultural organizations

History and literature clubs and organizations

Women’s history and African American history programming

Baby boomer audiences


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