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On Demand! brings inspiring, enriching programs to
facilities offering memory care and to those living with Dementia

Please call 215-579-1836 or email for more information:

Our programs feature:

  Violinist Claudia Pellegrini, winner of the Dementia Society of
America Diplomat Award, recognizing her work with memory care patients

  Engaging pianist-vocalists Jeff Dershin, George Sinkler, Marc Sherman, and Avi Wisnia

  Multi-instrumentalist Courtney Colletti

  More program options available – please inquire!

The mission of On Demand! is to provide programs that inspire, enrich, and promote positive change. For five years, On Demand! has partnered with the Dementia Society of America to provide programs for those living with Dementia. These programs are supported in part by the Dementia Society’s Ginny Gives Grants program. In 2019, On Demand! Founder and President Natalie Joy Kaye received the Dementia Society Diplomat Award for her ongoing and exceptional efforts to provide music programming that enhances the quality of life for those living with Dementia and their caregivers.


"On Demand! programs have made a difference in the lives of those with Dementia through the Ginny Gives Grants program. Thanks go to Natalie and all of her great performers.”

 – Dementia Society of America President and Founder Kevin Jameson

"At Chandler Hall, we find that music is the one experience that everyone, regardless of their cognition, can appreciate on an intimate level. Our audience was captivated by the amazing talents of Jeff Dershin, Courtney Colletti, and Claudia Pellegrini as they performed so many familiar songs, bringing back such wonderful memories. Comments from the audience included, ‘You are unbelievable!!’ and ‘I didn’t want it to end.”

 – Karen Freedman, Director of Adult Day Center, Chandler Hall, Newtown, PA



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