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Claudia Pellegrini is an outstanding violinist
and a skilled vocalist who accompanies herself at the piano. She is an extremely versatile musician and a charismatic entertainer.

Classically trained with a Master's Degree, Claudia has been performing professionally for over 20 years in the United States and Europe. She alternates her work with symphony orchestras with a more popular style in musical theater, jazz clubs, cabarets, and restaurants, as well as weddings, celebrations, and corporate events. The charm and uniqueness of her sound also make her a perfect fit for a cocktail or background-music setting. Always entertaining, and described by The Philadelphia Inquirer as “mesmerizing,” Claudia is an audience favorite
thanks to her talents as a multi-instrumentalist.

Claudia recently developed a one-woman musical show, which mixes her violin skills with her easy-listening singing. Her repertoire includes showtunes, swing, jazz, pop, classical, and Latin hits (Claudia is a native Spanish speaker who is well acquainted with Spanish popular music). She was featured performing on Spanish television, playing violin and singing backups for Spanish star Rosario Flores.

Claudia plays on a Joseph Gagliano violin, built in 1793.


"We have had the pleasure of having Claudia Pellegrini here at Brandywine Senior Living at Dresher Estates twice now. The residents absolutely love her, the minute she finished playing the first time she was here they asked when she was coming back. Claudia really connects with her audience! She engages the residents from the very beginning and brings not only her amazing talent for playing the violin but the way she connects the music to the residents and their lives and helps bring back beautiful memories and also make new ones, as they sing along! It's my pleasure to recommend Claudia Pellegrini."

— Rachel Kaufman, Escapades Producer, Brandywine Senior Living at Dresher Estates

"On behalf of everyone in attendance at Claudia Pellegrini's violin program, Music Around the World, thank you for bringing such a talented artist to our attention. Ms. Pellegrini's performance was heralded by some attendees as one of the best programs the Grundy Library has ever hosted. She was at ease with her audience and transported everyone during her globe-trotting musical journey. She was a smashing success! Moreover, it was a pleasure working with you and On Demand! Programs and Events; I wish you continued success and look forward to collaborating again."

— Barbara Gerhard, Programming and Marketing Librarian, Grundy Library

"I have to tell you...this was one of the most special performances I have ever had. The effect of Claudia's performance still lingers within me. The emotion that streamed from her violin was captured on every face in the audience. The music was fun and interactive which is unusual for a violin concert. It was an amazing performance which I still find myself viewing on my phone almost every night!"

— Terry Matkowski, Escapades Producer,
Brandywine Senior Living


What an Evening of Music!!!!

"A delighted Regency audience enjoyed the violinist Claudio Pellegrini as she played well-known classical pieces, as well as popular Broadway music.  Many people became misty-eyed to the soulful sounds of the violin as Claudia’s selection from Phantom touched our souls. (Well, at least mine.)  We are definitely going to ask her to come back for those who didn’t attend last night, but especially for those who did.  Claudia enjoyed a standing ovation after her last number of “Memories” from the Broadway show 'Cats'."

— Evie Shaffer, Regency, Northampton



"Claudia's program on Friday Feb. 27 was wonderful. Thank you so much for sending her. The residents enjoyed it very much. I have forwarded your information to our Activity Director Kathy Nucero. We feel our Independent Residents would also enjoy her Music Around the Wold program. And if my budget allows I would like to have her back again for my Chapter's residents."

— Debbie Andrews AAC,CDP, Philadelphia Protestant Home Chapter's Activity Coordinator

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