Bernadette McBride

Bernadette McBride is the author of Food, Wine, and Other Essential Considerations (Aldrich Press), Waiting for the Light to Change (WordTech Press) and a new book, Whatever Measure of Light, forthcoming from Aldrich Press. She is a three-time Pushcart Prize nominee, second-place winner of the 2006 International Ray Bradbury Writing Award, and runner-up for the 2014 Robert Fraser Poetry Award. Her poems have appeared in the UK, in numerous U.S. journals and anthologies, and on PRIs The Writer’s Almanac with Garrison Keillor. She taught creative writing (fiction and poetry) at Temple University for many years, currently teaches writing and literature at Bucks County Community College, and leads community writing workshops in fiction, poetry, and memoir. She served as a Pennsylvania Poet Laureate for Bucks County (2009), and is poetry co-editor for the Schuylkill Valley Journal.

Ideal for:

Arts and culture organizations and events


Senior centers and groups


Workshops for aspiring writers, high school
and college students, and senior groups

Baby boomer audiences

Poetry readings with
commentary and discussion:

• The impulse toward writing

• The importance of taking notice, of wakefulness, of the universality of life experience-both the humorous and the serious.

• The notion that poetry can be inspired by the everyday events of our lives as well as the big life questions

Poets and Writers: Between the Lines

Good writers pay close attention to what lies between the lines; this is where the heart, the mystery, the deep treasures of their work lie—in making the abstract relatable. But to be effective, it’s important that the lines that do appear in black and white are strong enough to lead readers to the inner meanings of what the writer attempts to convey. Join Bernadette McBride in exploring ways to make this happen with tips and exercises that will improve writing skills with clear language, memorable images, and big
ideas given form.

The Writing Life:

Extended courses and/or one-day workshops in fiction and poetry writing:

• Getting started–responding to the urge to record the events and observations of our lives for publication, for family and posterity, or simply for personal satisfaction

• Finding the genre that best suits our personal style: Fiction? Poetry? Memoir? Personal Essay?

• Looking within: combatting fear, addressing writer’s block

• Considering familiar questions: What will readers think? What will my children say? My parents? My friends? My spouse/partner?

• Instruction and exercises

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